Antra Getzoff

Hello, fellow cryotherapy business owner!

I am Antra Getzoff, the Founder of CryoProsUnited, and I am excited we've met, as I have no doubt we can help each other and grow stronger together.

We are very much alike. We have taken huge risks and left something well-established behind to enter uncharted territory. I just did it sooner than most. In 2010, I left not only a good career, but also my home country, family, and belongings to move to the United States with nothing but two suitcases and a dream that Americans may fall in love with cryotherapy as much as I had.

I started building my new cryo business from scratch. There was no awareness, and cryotherapy market was simply non-existent; so, the beginning was rough. Only one person showed up at my soft opening. I spent endless hours researching and trying to figure out the best way to explain what I was doing, the best approach to grow. Against all odds, I made it work - in 2016, my company reached $1M in sales, and I made my first 6-figure income.

Now I have AMAZING PARTNERS who want to see the cryotherapy industry blossom as much as I do. Our team's shared vision, passion, knowledge, experience, and connections WILL HELP YOU GROW.

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