Rick Walton

Rick Walton is our MARKETING expert, believer in continuous learning, and a true team player.

Before starting Cutting Edge Cryo, his cryotherapy business, in 2016, Rick spent 6 years as a medical device representative for invasive spine surgeries. Helping people with various spine conditions and disabilities and seeing the healthcare system from the perspective of reaction rather than prevention, he realized how much people needed an alternative way of alleviating pain, healing, and fighting atrophy to the body.

Just after leaving the medical field, Rick established a holistic wellness center in Lewisville, Texas, which is now state-of-the-art facility and a benchmark for many. In 2018, he also obtained a real estate license.

Rick's passion is not only helping his clients achieve optimal wellness but also teaching fellow business owners how to establish better presence in the market to share the wonderful wellness therapies and technology with more people. This is were his Cryo Consulting Group steps in.

From tips, tricks, and educational seminars to completely done for you services, Rick and his skilled team is ready to help you avoid frustration and waste of money on cookie-cutter marketing agencies.

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